Geo-Institute (G-I) New Website

The Geo-Institute (G-I) is a membership organization focused on geoprofessionals and the geo-industry. It was created by the American Society of Civil Engineers in October 1996 as one of ASCE’s specialty Institutes. It  is led by a Board of Governors guided by its Long-Term Strategic Plan, and thrives on the support of numerous member volunteers at the technical and administrative levels.

The G-I membership consists of more than 11,500+ individual members and 65 organizational members, including




students, and

organizations who share a mutual interest in protecting the public by enhancing understanding of—and expertise in—the engineering behavior of earth materials.

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The project involved the following components:

  1. Migration of G-I website from open source WordPress CMS to Drupal 8 CMS, a very popular open source, high performance and secure PHP CMS, which will allow G-I to support current and future initiatives;
  2. Unified content structure from multiple subdomain structure to a single domain structure providing a better user experience and navigation flow;
  3. Improved design architecture to support future initiatives of additional G-I website operations;