Dr. Marc Ballouz, founder of IGM, SHOWCASE

Dr. Marc Ballouz got his PhD from Texas A&M University in the USA. He is a lecturer at the Lebanese University (UL) and Lebanese American University (LAU), and has published numerous scientific publications. Dr Ballouz plays active and leading roles at ISSMGE, the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, presently serving as a member of the Board of the prestigious organization. Dr. Marc Ballouz is also the founder (in 1997) of I- I.G.M. which stands for the Institute for Geotechnics and Materials (Institut de Geotechnique et Materiaux).Dr. Ballouz is an international expert in Foundation engineering particularly deep foundations in difficult soil conditions for special structures such as bridges, high-rise buildings, wind turbines, and other. The website was created to communicates the project experience and diversity of construction undertaken by Dr. Ballouz and IGM.  Click to view the website live!

New website

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