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ARGO-E offers the opportunity to companies in the civil, environmental and construction (CEE) industry, to gain unique insights on their website performance that cannot possibly be provided by Google Analytics or other similar analytics platforms. ARGO-E  is responsible for the design, maintenance and upgrade of more than 20+ industry websites in the broad civil, environmental and construction fields. This provides the company with unique CEE-specific insights on what works and what does not in terms of website promotion.

What we do is compare your website impact with your competitors and see how it fairs. We use a range of analytics, metrics and data mining approaches that allow us to get an estimate of how your website is performing compared to the rest of the industry and specifically your competitors.

Among other things, we will be able to give you specific rankings of your website traffic, impact, on how it does with google search engine for specific keywords or topics. At the end, you can expect a set of specific  recommendations on what your company can do to enhance its web presence and carve a specific path forward on what should be done to support your company brand and online presence.

Take advantage of our analysis and make data-driven decisions for your website.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence

Compare your online presence to direct competitors

Identify options for further improvements of your online presence.

Develop a successful online strategy

Domain Position Analysis

  • See how strong is your domain and your competitor’s based on a large number of organic search ranking factors
    • Inbound Links
    • Identify domains that are in the “virtual neibourhood” of your website
    • Social Media Presence

Organic Search Performance in Comparison to your Competitors

  • Position ranking
  • Positioning for specific keywords
  • Historic organic search performance

Ranking of your Website in Comparison to your Competitors

  • Reliable Website traffic estimate

Recommendations for your Online Strategy to Enhance your Online Presence

  • Customized plan, recommendations and specific targeted activities based on your website strengths and weaknesses, with a specific list of requirements for a successful and strong online presence.