Geo-Business Analytics: Impact of COVID-19 in geotechnical practice during 2020

Last year the COVID-19 pandemic crisis broke out and people all over the world, including geotechs, were shaken by unprecedented circumstances that have impacted societies and the way people do business.

Our data analysis through the Geotechnical Business Confidence Index (GBCI) sheds some light on how geotechs from countries worldwide felt COVID-19 impacts their business. If you still do not know about the GBCI (you should), click here to read more about it.

American and UK geo-engineers, once the pandemic first propagated in their countries were pessimistic for the year to come and steadily reported improvements over the last two quarters amid the second wave. This was a trend which was followed by Indians and Brazilians as well despite their many COVID-19 cases.

In contrast, Japanese geo-professionals started optimists reporting improved conditions for the new year, but as the pandemic crisis progressed, they became more pessimistic by the end of last year. Australians, however, were the most optimistic of all throughout the whole last year indicating that the crisis did not hit them as hard.

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