How to promote your company on GeoWorld and get leads during COVID-19

It goes without saying that the past months have brought unprecedented change to the way people do business all over the world because COVID-19. Professionals in the civil, environmental and construction industry were no exception to that.

Physical distancing has proven a challenge for professionals to establish contact. To overcome the existing barriers on traditional communication, professionals have turned to the web to establish stronger online communication channels.

GeoWorld, the biggest online professional networking site for geotechnical engineers and associated fields, which is part of ARGO-E’s infrastructure network, has attracted 90% more visitors, more actively engaged than ever before, since the beginning of 2020. On top of that, there was a surge of 4,000 new registrations to the network constituting to a platform of 21,000 geotechs!

Is your firm struggling during this pandemic to establish new online communication channels? If that is the case, you should seriously consider going in for a targeted and high exposure campaign on GeoWorld. Below you can see what a typical GeoWorld campaign entails:

Priority listing with your company’s logo, direct link to your company’s website and appearance at the top of searches within the online Geotechnical Business Directory!
Promotion of news, services or products through blog posts which are automatically promoted in all countries, states, or industries your company is listed under, within the  Geotechnical Business Directory including its main page!
Reserving limited spots for custom-made ads in both the printed and online version of the Geotechnical Business Directory so that you can give your company an exclusive promotional advantage!
Promotion of your news beyond your network through the quarterly Geo-Trends Review Magazine and every member’s activity page reaching 21,000+ members in the industry!
Posting of unlimited job openings so they appear on GeoWorld’s job section, GeoMap and Activity as a post for you to share with your established network!

Make sure to visit GeoWorld’s Advertising page to learn more about your promotion options or contact us directly to find out how we can promote your company through a variety of options.

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