Laboratory Testing interest skyrockets during COVID-19 era!

Several months have passed since the COVID-19 outbreak which has affected the civil, environmental and construction industry in so many ways. Inevitably, industry companies and professionals have turned to the web to do their business.

This unprecedented shift had a tremendous impact on the traffic of our popular information centers. Since our new platforms allow us to tag all material under specific sub-industry categories, we have decided to make a six-month assessment on the impact of COVID-19 era to our geotechnical engineering content.

Our geotechnical content is tagged under more than 110 geotechnical subcategories which allows us to gain great insights on what geoprofessionals are looking for both in a periodic and a regular manner.

At a first glance, 9 of our main geotechnical categories account for over 50% of Geoengineer.org traffic over the past six months. Laboratory Testing is clearly the winner, while Foundation Design / Construction, Geoenvironmental Engineering and Ground Improvement are following closely.

Top geotechnical categories

However, how did the COVID-19 affect the overall numbers? Let us have a closer look over the current average monthly visits versus the ones prior to COVID-19 era.

Monthly visits prior to Covid-19 outbreak

Monthly visits 6 months after Covid-19 outbreak

Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering were the only categories to reduce their share on visits during the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of our popular categories had an, at least, 30% increase in their share, while Laboratory Testing increased its share by at least 100%! On top of that, this increasing trend has not reached its peak yet. Our traffic projections for the upcoming months are significantly larger compared to our current position!

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