Introducing Direct Leads on our Corporate Sponsorship Packages

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new “Direct Leads” feature on our sponsorship packages. The new feature comes as a complimentary service to our Corporate packages in order to maximize the impact of your promotion.

Over the past year we launched our new platform for our information centers, a major development effort, in order to provide more relevant and better content to our audience as well as optimize our advertising packages to our sponsors.

By using the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques and constantly analyzing our data, we managed to gain great insights and provide our visitors with new meaningful content that fits their interests. Our efforts resulted in increasing user engagement and total reach to the civil engineering and environmental industry by at least 80%.

This allowed us to build a stronger foundation for our popular information centers and maximize the impact of our referral-centric sponsorship packages. The results so far, in terms of engagement and traffic, are more than satisfactory for all our clients and has underlined to them the importance of referral traffic in their online marketing initiatives.

As we continue to expand out platforms, we focus on improving our services to both our audience and sponsors. Based on our data analysis, we have come to the conclusion that a portion of our user audience prefers contacting our sponsors for their services or products directly instead of leaving our platforms.

Our new “Direct Leads” feature comes to fill this specific of our audience, which we are certain it will provide greater “lead” results to our corporate sponsors. A “GET A QUOTE NOW” button will be available to thousands of relevant pages to our sponsors services or products along with a simple submission form and special promotional placements of their services or products.

As soon as a visitor fills in the form, an email will be delivered directly from our platforms to our sponsors containing their email, name and specific comments / request. That’s it! The rest is up to you to convert them to actual customers!

Our pilot launch during the summer has convinced us that this new feature is of great demand and will provide a great service to our clients. Contact us today to find out how “Direct Leads” and our corporate packages can boost your online marketing initiatives.


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