How Referral Traffic can be valuable to your online marketing strategy

It is common practice for marketeers to break down their company’s website traffic in different sources such as Organic, Social, Direct, Referral, Mail and Organic Paid, based on their Google Analytics Default Channel Grouping. Then, they analyze their website’s analytics data and establish a strategy to maximize traffic, leads or sales.

Not all sources are equally important as to the traffic they bring in. Usually, focus is given to Organic traffic, the dominant source of trackable website traffic, by establishing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to maximize results. CEE companies with a higher budget or an established social media audience, also focus on optimizing their results through paid organic and social sources.

In most cases, Referral traffic, which is traffic that comes out from third party websites besides search engines and social media, is left out of the conversation by the CEE companies. A source, often underrated, that can be so powerful to their campaign by targeting the right referrers.

Secure a regular promotion from well-known sources of your industry to maximize your referral traffic

Referral traffic serves as complementary traffic where usually high traffic volumes are noticed as spikes and not on an ongoing stream, like Organic traffic. Low traffic volumes are usually generated from online directories, forums, review systems, comments and simple text links on third party industry websites, while high traffic volume spikes are usually generated from high reputable information centers (i.e. your company’s project or product got picked up or promoted as an editor’s pick). By making sure you have a regular news presence on such centers, you can maximize your referral high traffic volume spikes throughout the year.

Most users trust recommendations from websites they know making referral marketing one of your most influential form of advertising

Although Referral traffic volume is not comparable to the Organic one, it cannot be neglected. Referral visitors from industry related websites match the company’s target niche, thus are high potential customers. By identifying related industry websites where you can control the actual content and links you promote, you can funnel the traffic to your website and guarantee whoever follows your link is a potential customer. For example, by writing a specific service or product promotional article, explaining the benefits and placing a link to lead them to your website to acquire more information, you increase your chance referral website visitors be interested in your service or product.

Maximize conversion rate with custom referral remarketing initiatives

You can then analyze visitor behavior in your company’s website, evaluate and make more educated choices in the future. If the visitor did not convert to a lead from the first visit, you can prepare a custom display ad remarketing campaign and make sure to showcase your specific service/product to the visitor throughout the internet. This is a very low cost and effective approach to increase your leads from visitors that you already know what they are interested at.

List your company to high reputable industry websites to maximize referral impact on your SEO

Furthermore, in pursuit of SEO and Organic traffic CEE companies need to generate referrals on industry related websites. It is an important SEO factor which will allow them to better position themselves on search engine results. The more reputable the referral is within the industry, the higher the benefit on the company’s website search engine results’ reputation and ranking. Moreover, through industry’s high reputable information centers, they also get to place their promoted news, products or services on the top of highly competitive search engine results, maximizing visibility and earning extra views.

To conclude, Referral Traffic through high reputable information centers can serve as a standalone strategy to support your marketing initiatives. More to that, by contributing to remarketing and SEO as a significant traffic and lead generator factor, it can play a crucial role on your general online marketing strategy as well.

Getting the best out of a referral-centric marketing campaign takes time and requires continuous monitoring of your results. Many companies in the industry have already enhanced Argo-E’s services in their general online marketing strategy. In order to help our clients, we have made sure to provide them all the tools they need, within our popular information centers, so they can have full control on their promotional content and monitor their impact in real time.

In Argo-E that is precisely our specialty. Contact us today to find out how we can boost your online marketing initiatives.


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