Why video marketing can be a powerful tool for the civil, environmental and construction industry

Video marketing provides a new digital marketing strategy to keep audience engaged with the brand in a way that’s simple and easy to digest. By creating and sharing videos focusing on your brand, products or services, you can better inform your audience and increase engagement on your digital and social channels.

A decade ago, online video was an expensive luxury. However, things run fast in the digital world. The rise of social and video channels and the wide use of smartphones along with the continuous increase in fast and cheap internet connections, have paved the way for video consumption becoming the king of digital content. 6 out of 10 people already prefer watching online videos rather than TV, while online videos are expected to account for 82% of all internet consumer traffic by 2022.

A successful digital marketing strategy cannot ignore the above data, since in order to successfully promote your content you need to meet people where they are. Email marketing, for example, came about when email exploded as a feature within the daily lives of internet users. The same thing is happening with video marketing today. Since online video consumption has become part of the everyday lives of people, they are more likely to engage with this content format in a business manner. Executives and engineering professionals will prefer to engage with video content instead of regular content if this option is provided to them.

Why you should invest in video marketing

Currently, most  industry companies don’t use video marketing. Quite often this decision is justified by a false premise that video marketing is too expensive. However, compared to potential growth in reach, engagement and conversion rates from a single video, the positive results outweigh the cost.

Leading companies in the industry are already using this new marketing tool to stay on top of digital trends, stand out from the competition and get their full message across with great results.

By using a variety of different types of marketing videos, such as product or service related (explainer), educational (case studies, webinars, demo), animated, VR and branded videos, they manage to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns and here is why…

Build trust and credibility

By using a video to demonstrate your company’s core values, vision and mission within the industry, you can create stronger emotional connections with your audience. Videos are most likely to ignite trust emotions to your audience that will recall your brand when addressing an engineering issue. Quality visuals can provide them with more confidence for building a long-term relationship with you.

Pass on the full message

It is widely known that people retain more information by consuming video content. People remember what they watch more than what they read or hear. Through creative videos you can better explain features and benefits of your products or services within a short amount of time. This is very important particularly in the civil, environmental and construction industry, where companies need to pass on complicated engineering information and ideas to their audience/clients. Creative videos can do this for you and increase your engagement with the “lazy readers”, executives and engineering professionals that do not have time to go along with the full description of a product or service in a regular text content.

Great complimentary tool for all digital channels

Search engines love videos. By placing your video on your landing page, it is more likely that your page gets listed on the top of results, thus securing more visitors and potential customers for you.

Furthermore, social media are favorable channels for the promotion of video content, thus your message gets promoted to a wider audience than a regular content post. According to statistics, a video post is more likely to get shared by your audience than a regular text post.

With today’s technology you can even place your videos on your newsletters or paid ads, where according to statistics, videos can significantly increase your engagement rate.

Increase your reach

As a complementary tool, videos can help you increase your reach to all digital channels. On top of that, this will open doors to decision makers, as 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on a weekly basis.

Start building your video marketing strategy

With video marketing you can increase your audience engagement, improve your conversion rates and therefore increase your overall digital marketing return of investment (ROI). To maximize the success of your efforts, professional and creative videos that speak the industry language are a key factor. Our experts’ team fully understands the industry needs and can create such videos tailored to your needs.

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