The Importance of Having a Video Marketing Strategy in Civil Engineering

Video marketing is one of the newest additions to the promotion toolbox and is something that you have to think seriously if you want to boost your promotion! It is one of the most adaptable and profitable digital marketing tools right now. Remember, after all, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web! Videos are also very engaging because they can be delivered in all screens, and especially mobile phones, engaging the viewer wherever they are.

You do not have to create videos only for your YouTube channel. Nowadays everything is about content marketing, so you can create educational videos, product demos to convince your target audience, video testimonials, social videos to engage with your followers  and so many other types in order to create a wildly successful business. Facebook favors video postings compared to postings that have only text or imagery (Source)

Videos are memorable and they can assure you that you will engage with your audience!

Video marketing is quickly finding its way to the CEE industry as well, as more companies include it in their marketing strategy. With competition being fierce at all scales (local, national, and global), effective marketing is critical for any CEE firm seeking for a dynamic and sustained business growth.

During the last years many Argo-E clients and partners are including video marketing in their strategies.

Companies use videos to explain how their products or services work. A good example is Gilson, who is creating video explaining all its company’s products and how they can be used (https://www.globalgilson.com/gilson-videos). Similarly,  CONTROLS Group shows to their audience the methods they use testing  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9X16B17b5A)

It has been shown that videos demand more consumer attention than any other medium and are key to great engagement.  Geopier’s marketing strategy seems to get that as all company’s systems presentations include video demos of their products (Example: GP3® System).

Moreover, the majority of consumers (Source) prefer video content to reading, so Bentley creates videos explaining their projects and the methods they use (Bentley).

The last years, we have been creating videos for our platforms with the most captivating news during the year and we have seen that they attract a lot of views and interest (Geoengineer.org, Thestructuralengineer.info). We have also created videos for our clients, based on their needs, so if you would like to try out an idea for a video contact us (marketing@argo-e.com).

Video marketing is certainly becoming a key part of digital marketing. Your brand’s quality is what makes you stand out. Sharing videos of your brand will draw consumers’ attention to your brand.

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