The Most Social Geo-Companies and Geo-Organizations for 2018

For yet another year ARGO-E monitors the impact of social media channels on the image and traffic of company and organization websites, as part of our strategic marketing and IT services.  For the geotechnical engineering field, we analyzed 200+ geo-websites and tracked the social media followers for each of them. We looked at the main social media websites that are of interest to geotechnical engineering, namely: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and GeoWorld.

For our ranking, we included only companies that provide nearly exclusively geo-services or geo-products. Thus, companies that provide services in the broader civil engineering field are not included. At the end, here are the 10 companies and organizations in the geotechnical field that have the most followers, for another year Fugro is the most Geo-Social company with a greater number of followers from the other 9 companies:

2Golder Associates88,909
4Coffey Associates37,690
5 Terracon30,587
9Gannett Fleming19,066


If you wish, you can review our 2017 results here.

Do you wonder where your company ranks compared to our database? Send us an e-mail and we will be glad to let you know!

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