Argo-E develops new website for Shamsher Prakash Foundation

Argo-E, is pleased to announce the development and launch of the new website for Shamsher Prakash Foundation.Argo-E, is pleased to announce the development and launch of the new website for Shamsher Prakash Foundation.Shamsher Prakash Foundation was established in 1989 with a donation from Revd. Mother Ashram Sri Sri Sri Soami Vijaya Rajan Anand. The foundation is occupying with the following projects.

  • Yoga Sadhana
  • Technical : Institute “Shamsher Prakash Research Awards and Prizes”, worldwide and in India, prize for creative design to undergraduate students, in the US and India.
  • Yoga Classes and Workshops

Dr. Prakash is an international expert in soil dynamics and earthquake engineering. He has published three books in India and four books in the USA as well as over three hundred technical papers. After retirement as a professor of civil engineering in India, Dr. Prakash joined the University of Missouri-Rolla faculty.

Dr. Shamsher Prakash offers Yoga classes and workshops worldwide. He has already offered classes and workshops in USA, Singapore, India, Australia, UK and Canada. He has regularly held Pranayam and Meditation classes for seniors in Rolla since 2006.

New Website









The new website includes the following features:

  • Wide screen and Responsive design
  • Easy-to-find content
  • Completely re-organized menu with logical grouping of sections
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Dynamic, easy-to-update website
  • Analytics tracking

ARGO-E will also continue to support Shamsher Prakash Foundation website, as needed, with new content, so that it remains up to date! Argo-E provides services on information technology in Civil, Environmental and Construction industry. Our Portfolio can be found here.

Click to view the website live!

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