Website Traffic from Mobile Devices rises worldwide in 2015, remains steady in civil, environmental and construction industry.
2015 device website traffic statistics for the Civil, Environmental and Construction Industry

The use of mobile devices for internet access in 2015 has generally increased in comparison to 2014. More and more internet traffic originates from these devices and in many cases there is a great demand for websites to be properly viewed with this devices. On average, Statcounter.com indicates that 58.9% of internet traffic was viewed using desktops, while the percentage of internet traffic that originated from mobile devices reached 41.1%. The 41.1% compares to 33% last year, an increase of 8.1`% that is attributed primarily to mobile phones, as opposed to tablets.

Data analysis of Argo-E’s own private data from a large number of websites in the Civil, Environmental and Construction (CEE) Industry, generally indicates that the traffic from mobile platforms and tablets on CEE websites remains generally steady. On average, only 12.3% of the CEE traffic appears to be originating from mobile platforms and 2.7% from tablets. In comparison, the global internet usage indicates a 35.4% traffic from mobile platforms and 5.7% from tablets.

Source: Argo-E.com

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