CEE website traffic from mobile devices in 2014 lagging, but increasing !

The use of mobile devices for internet access, such as tablets and cell phones is increasing globally. More and more internet traffic originates from these devices, and in many cases, websites are not yet properly designed to be easily viewed with these devices. On average, in 2014, Statcounter.com reports that 67% of the internet traffic was viewed using desktop computers. A third of the internet traffic appears to be originating from mobiles and tablets.

Argo-E has designed and maintains a large number of websites in the Civil, Environmental and Construction (CEE) industry. A review of the data analytics of these websites, indicates that the traffic from mobile platforms and tablets on CEE websites is lagging. On average, only 13% of the CEE traffic appears to be from mobile platforms and 4% from tablets. In comparison, the global internet usage data indicate a 27% traffic from mobile platforms and 6% from tablets. However, the data over the years clearly indicate that the traffic from mobile platforms is steadily increasing.

Another interesting finding from our analyses, is that although the website traffic for the CEE website was on average 13%, its varied from 9% to 25% for different websites. The highest percentage of traffic from mobile platforms was observed for websites that are designed to be mobile friendly and optimized to display properly on various mobile screens! This indicates that websites not designed for mobile platforms may be losing traffic! If you are not sure if your website is properly designed for mobile viewing, check this mobile friendly Test Tool!


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