Is your website prepared for “Mobilegeddon”?

On the 21st of April Google officially announced the upcoming mobile-friendly update in search algorithm! Google is now giving high boost on ranking results of mobile-friendly pages, where the content is easily accessible and fits mobile screens!

This is a significant change and if your website is not optimized to display properly on various mobile screens, it will not rank as well in mobile search results for the majority of people “googling”! This Update will not have impact on desktops and tablets search results and it is applied to individual pages and not the entire websites! According to Google, updated algorithm will take a few weeks to roll out. Based on our experience handling tens of websites in the Civil, Environmental, and Construction industry, mobile traffic varies from 9% to 25% of the total website traffic in 2014, and so that amount of traffic could be also affected!

Try this Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether an individual page has a mobile-friendly design or Mobile Usability Webmaster Tool to check status of the entire website! As always, ARGO-E’s staff can make an assessment for you, or even help you design a mobile-friendly website.


Sources: Google, CNN

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